AX-5G Guitar Modeling Effects Pedal

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58 “REMS” modeling effects

The AX5G contains 58 versatile and realistic “REMS” modeling effects. All of them boast the same sound quality as the flagship AX3000G model of the TONEWORKS series, delivering professional-level, realistic sound in a very compact package.


Sounds ranging from aggressive high-gain to delicate acoustic

The AX5G’s wide range of 16 drive/amp types covers the spectrum from vintage to modern and high-gain to clean. We’ve even included rare tube amps as well as sought-after boutique amps, so you can choose from numerous classic amp sounds. Use the 10 cabinet models in conjunction with the drive/amp types and you can select from large four-speaker cabinets to combo-type cabinets while reproducing the ambience that is distinctive to each cabinet. All of the effects you need for live performance are provided, with standard effects such as compressor, wah, delay, reverb, and acoustic simulator, as well as unique effects such as a pickup effect that gives you the sounds of various types of pickups, and a drone effect that simulates the sympathetic strings of a sitar.


Expression pedal provides limitless expressive power

The AX5G has an expression pedal that lets you control an effect in real time using your foot. You can use this to control volume, wah, or nearly any effect parameter such as the gain of an amp model or the speed of a tremolo or flanger, giving you great expressive potential for live performances. A three-color LED indicates the effect (volume, wah, etc.) that is assigned to the expression pedal. There's also a Quick Assign function so you can assign an effect parameter at one touch and adjust the variable range yourself for maximum flexibility.


Full editing gives you a high degree of sound-creating freedom that rivals dedicated units

Each amp and effect type provides a full complement of parameters. When you select an amp or effect, the optimal values are assigned automatically, so that anyone can enjoy the best sounds immediately. The main parameters that are most effective can be accessed via the knobs for direct editing. In addition, sub-parameters are also provided for you to perform more detailed sound editing, and the simple and easy-to-understand interface allows you to quickly adjust the sound to your taste.


80 programs you can use right away

Up to six “REMS” modeling effects plus the volume pedal can be used simultaneously. Create and store 40 of your own programs using these effects. With 40 more preset programs that cover a broad range of styles, you have a total of 80 effect programs for immediate use.


Auto chromatic tuner and other support functions

The AX5G includes an auto chromatic tuner. There's a Mute mode that lets you tune without producing sound from your guitar amp, so it’s easy to tune on stage. The AX5G also provides an AMP/LINE parameter that ensures that you're outputting the optimal signal for your connected equipment, whether it's a direct-line connection, a combo amp with an open backed cabinet, or an amp stack with a closed cabinet. This ensures that you're always getting the best sound and taking the fullest advantage of the AX5G's potential. With its compact body that slips easily into the pocket of your gig bag, and the convenience of battery-powered operation, the AX5G is the ideal way to get the best guitar sounds anywhere – home, studio, or on stage.