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Revolutionary new GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function lets you cancel or extract the guitar part of an existing song.

19 famous guitar amps and 54 effect units ranging from vintage to modern are provided as software.

Easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface enables guitarists to create their “dream guitar rig” without any advanced knowledge of amps or effects. Sound famous fast!

A music player feature with convenient functions for jam sessions or practice.

Import music files to jam along with from your favorite CDs, music library or MP3 player.

A dedicated USB monitor speaker is included, and there's no need for complex wiring or specialized knowledge of computer music.

Two guitar play-along CDs containing 28 famous rock classics.

New Guitar Tab Search function - bring you directly to a song’s tablature at GuitarInstructor.com.

32-Bit & 64-Bit Vista/Windows 7 support

The latest update – Version 1.5 includes numerous improvements, many in response to requests from JamVOX users.

The GXT (Guitar XTracktion) algorithm has been greatly enhanced, and a new Easy Edit panel has been added.
The Easy Edit controls make it simple to quickly remove (or isolate) the specific target sound (*1).

JamVOX v1.5 adds three types of superb High-Definition Reverbs – HD-HALL, HD-CHAMBER, and HD-ROOM – to the FX section. The parameters have been optimized for electric guitar, so that you can achieve great sounding reverbs settings with ease.

HD-HALL: Simulates the early reflections and reverberation of a concert hall with the highest accuracy. This setting provides the feeling of being on stage in a concert hall.

HD-CHAMBER: Simulates the sonic characteristics of a large chamber. By experimenting with the parameter settings, you can achieve not only natural-sounding spatial simulations, but also wacky-sounding reverbs as well.

HD-ROOM: Provides a high-quality simulation of room reverb. This is a more confined, intimate reverb simulation, and can be refined by editing the parameters.

New High-Definition Tempo & Pitch Change Fuction Using Zplane's "Elastique Efficient V2" Technology
The Tempo and Pitch Change functions have also been greatly enhanced. The high-definition algorithm "zplaneélastique efficient V2" has been integrated into these functions. This improvement allows you to clearly catch individual notes with nuances during a very fast passage, even when played at half tempo.